Floor Sanding

Timber Tune-Up takes pride in the quality of work that is provided when we sand and polish any timber floor. Our rates are competitive and we work off the quality of the floor.

Our Process

  1. Rough and fine sand timber floor
  2. Rough and fine edge timber floor
  3. Punch and fill and nail holes (if required)
  4. Buff Floor
  5. Coat with a high quality Sealer then apply either Polyurethane or Waterbase (depending on your requirements and what is best for the timber we will discuss with you the best type of coating gear for your floor)


We can also provide the following if required (Note prices are an estimate will be confirmed on quoting)

Trowell FillingĀ 

This is an option when the timber floors have larger gaps between boards. Most of the time this is a preference.

Board Repairs

We can repair any damaged boards in your property and will quote onsite.

Quoting via photos

To save your time we can quote over photos. We can then confirm the price per square meter and measure onsite once the job has started. If anything extra is required we will always discuss with you prior to starting.